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Behaviour management

Education Queensland is committed to provisions that ensure all young Queenslanders have a right to and receive a quality education. All members of the Park Ridge State School community acknowledge their commitment to the underpinning beliefs of the Code of School behaviour with its stated goals of Better Behaviour Better Learning.  All members of the Park Ridge State School community will use the Code as a basis for providing:
·    Positive support to promote high standards in student achievement and student behaviour; and
·    Clearly articulated responses and consequences for inappropriate behaviour.
Park Ridge State School is widely acknowledged as the ‘Harmony School’ where the entire school community work together to create a safe supportive environment where achievement/learning is the goal for all. Parents, staff members and students spend time developing positive, exciting proactive programs, believing a successful focus on Harmony School will create more time for curriculum focussed language rather than management focussed language.  The Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students is designed to support this focus, facilitating high standards of behaviour to ensure quality learning outcomes.
At Park Ridge State School, all members of our school community are expected to conduct themselves in a lawful, ethical, safe and responsible manner that recognises and respects the rights of others.  Our Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students outlines our system for facilitating positive behaviours, preventing problem behaviour and responding to unacceptable behaviours (access the full plan here). 
Harmony School Motto:
‘Living and Learning in Harmony to be the best we can be’
School Rules: Park Ridge State School has identified the following school rules to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour:
Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Learner

 Embedded in the rules is a core system of values which are promoted.  Our core values are:
Care, Honesty, Rights, Responsibility, Respect, Citizenship, Excellence & Harmony
Positive Behaviour:

Park Ridge State School has an effective and proven range of school approaches which allow the development of the Harmony School Philosophy in the whole school as well as in each classroom.  
Consequences – Low Level Behaviours:
All incidents will be supported on a least intrusive to more intrusive continuum. Students may be managed in a local context by the class teacher so that resolution occurs as close to the student’s usual learning context as possible.
Low level behaviours (level 1 and 2) are managed by the class teacher utilising the ‘essential skills’, planning tables, buddy classes, restitution, logical consequences, parental contact and differentiation.  Persistent disruptive behaviours may result in the teacher liaising with Administration to develop a more intensive, individualised plan (meetings with parents, individual support plans and / or Special Needs Committee referrals).
Consequences – High Level Behaviours:
Level 3 and 4 behaviours are deemed as those requiring targeted support. Students demonstrating behaviours identified as being level 3 and 4 disruptions are referred to a member of the Administration team.  At this level, staff, Administration (Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Learning and Teaching, Head of Special Education Services) and parents work together to support and improve the student’s behaviour.  Consequences are determined by the Administration team and are based on the intent, severity, frequency, impact on others and actual harm caused by the demonstrated behaviour(s).  Consequences could include:

Writing a plan (focusing on the disruption and strategies to make more responsible choices in the future.  The plan is then monitored in the classroom)
º Withdrawal from class (work at the office)
º    Review current plan
º    Parent contact
º    Individual support plan
º    School based Chaplain referral
º    Send home
º    In-School Suspension
º    Suspension
º    Exclusion
º    Police
º    Referrals to outside agencies (e.g. The Spot, Paediatricians, Psychologists, Behaviour Support)
Across all levels of behaviour, communication with parents as soon as possible after an incident has occurred, is deemed imperative at Park Ridge State School.  Teachers utilise a range of communication modes, including telephone, letter, communication books and email.